We had a great time working on Crowd Engineering. We started in April 2017. After a great start we mad ea lot of progress. Throughout the project phase we learned a lot about aspects relevant for Corwd Engineering on the other side we had great fun together. SO we worked very entusiastic to fulfill the project objectives.

However, after 3 and a half year the funding for the project RoboPORT is ending with end of December 2021. We had the possibility to present our results online and will present it till End of March. Please feel free to join and visit the virtual exhibition.
Virtual PAiCE Exhibition

We are a German consortium so we underly the European law on personal data. It is called DSGVO. Based on this we will close the platform before the project ends. All personal data will be deleted.
If you have any questions about this procedure please feel free to ask us.

Other news